Painting Adventure

The paint sat there,tiny pools of red, blue, and a color that looked like green but that Rob assured me was not. I stared at them, excited to dip my fingers through them and smear the colors over my face. Rob did it earlier, and it sounded like fun. Messy fun is my favorite kind.

Once so bedecked, I followed my best friend out the front door, ready for pictures but not for the cool air through which I rushed. But, what is unkind weather compared to making memories? Besides, I wasn’t going to freeze. Though my jeans were rolled up into capri’s, I wore the long-sleeved, slightly tattered paint shirt Rob lent me, with my own shirts underneath. How hard could taking a couple of pictures of my new get-up take?

Actually, not long enough. We’d only been photographing for maybe ten minutes before my mom called, instructing me to call my dad and tell him to pick me up in another ten minutes. Distressed that I’d only spent forty-five minutes with my friend, I dialed my dad’s number anyway. He said he’d be there in six or seven minutes.

Ten minutes later, Rob and I had run into a back bedroom, taking “studio shots” (the sunlight had faded fast, unfortunately) and were now reclining in his living room. I slouched on the floor, rubbing down his dog, Shaina, while Rob sat at the computer. Shaina’s soft, long black hair was still between my fingers when my friend stated, “That’s the longest seven minutes ever…” I fervently agreed, slightly put out that we’d had to cram everything into that small amount of time only to wait for me to leave.

Finally, my dad pulled up. I stood, slipping into my flip-flops and grabbing my jacket and bag. Rob turned to me and said, “Um, aren’t you going to wipe that paint off your face?”

I shook my head, grinning. “Nope.”

“Your parents won’t be mad?” he asked. I informed him my dad wouldn’t care, and neither would my mom if I washed it all off. He shrugged, nonchalant so long as my parents wouldn’t be angry. I gave him a hug before dashing out to where my dad waited in the van. I couldn’t wait to see the look he’d give me. And I wasn’t disappointed.


3 responses to “Painting Adventure

  • Flourish&Blotts

    This is such an excellent adventure! I love these types of memories. 🙂

    Rachel ❤

  • A Flourishing Perspective

    OK, and Nina just so you know, the Flourish&Blotts is me! I have this little private website with some girlfriends where we discuss books and post our stories…I just happened to be logged in there (it’s a WordPress site too) when I commented!


  • Christy

    Hahaha I knew it was you 😀 No harm done.

    Thanks so much for commenting! I was worried I wasn’t going to get any at all :O

    Love you 🙂

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