Life and the Lives of Others

Mmm. I have lots of thoughts. Most go flying around in my head, never to be put down on paper, but regardless I somehow remember a lot of them. Yesterday, for instance, I was driving downtown and passed this park near the side of the road. Sitting on a picnic table bench was a women with her head in her hands. She was doubled over, and a baby stroller stood beside her.Β  Near the slide stood a man, hands stuffed in his pockets. I glimpsed a little kid running around underneath the monkey bars and swings and other playground stuff children love so much.

Then it was gone. I blinked a few times, and pondered. Was the lady crying? Had she and the man argued? Was she just tired from a day out with her kid in the hot sun? Did she have a headache, or a migraine? Was the man of any relation to the women, and if so, what? Her husband, brother? Or was he a friend? Was he just about to go to her and comfort her in her fatigued state? Whose was the little boy?

I shook my head, wondering why on earth I could make such assumptions and fancy up anything of the sort. Yet I found myself doing the exact thing again, ten minutes later…

It was a man this time, an old man strolling across a bridge over a river. (Embellishing his description just a bit,) he wore a bright red jacket and white shorts, and had on his head one of those old navy blue fishing caps. He walked slowly, and I wondered what had brought him to this point. Was he walking to the grocery store? Was he walking because it was the least humid time of day? (Though it was still quite warm; I couldn’t believe he was wearing that windbreaker.) Was he simply walking and reflecting on the long, fulfilling life God had granted him?

Minutes later I realized what I was doing and turned my attention to flipping through the radio stations. But, I just wonder – am I the only person out there who does something like that? Is it just because I like to write, and ask the most random questions – is it just who I am to ponder strange things as the examples above? Does any one else do that? At those times, I sometimes feel I ought to write a story about them. The people, I mean. The lady holding her head, for instance. It could be a very tragic story – for instance, she could have just received a letter from her long lost love over the ocean, depicting that during his hard life he had found another who was there for him, and that he was sorry, but he would not be returning; or she could have developed a tumor at a young age and never realized it until that very evening, and then she found her whole world crashing down on her. Perhaps that man was her best friend, a man she loved but with whom she could never spend the rest of her life because her ailment would soon take that precious gift from her.

Or maybe I’m what my older brother says I am: the definition of Weird. Even so, all of us are weird or odd or strange in our own ways. If we weren’t, this world wouldn’t be the interesting, terrible, confusing, horrible, laughable, astonishing, lively place it is.


12 responses to “Life and the Lives of Others

  • A Flourishing Perspective

    This is really neat. And don’t worry! Sometimes I do the exact same thing. πŸ™‚


  • Flourish&Blotts

    Don’t fret, Nina! I think about those things a lot. For instance, today we were driving past a house and I saw a little boy outside on his front steps blowing bubbles and I was wondering what he was doing that day? Where the bubbles came from? Possibly from a wedding and just leftover, or maybe he could have snatched an extra from the wedding. But yeah, I do it too.

    Great post, darling!

    Rachel ❀

  • A Flourishing Perspective

    Yet again, this was me too. πŸ˜‰


  • Christy

    Haha I knew it was you πŸ™‚ And I’ll be sure and check out your website again as soon as I have the time! πŸ™‚
    Love you

  • CortataWoods

    Hi, I’m a friend of Rachel, and found your blog through hers. I’m a writer, too! What kind of stuff do you write?? I read most of the stuff on your blog, and LOVE it! And I sometimes do the same thing you were talking about in this post, or sometimes I get an idea for a story from just passing someone on the street. lol, that’s funny about your older brother saying you’re weird, my little sister says that about me!


    • Christy

      Hi, nice to meet you! πŸ™‚ Thanks so much for taking the time to read my blog! I really really appreciate it. That’s cool that you’re a writer. I write all kinds of things: poems, short stories, and I’ve *tried* writing books. Currently I have an idea that I’d like to establish before writing more of it (hopefully a book, not just a story!) with the help of my best friend. We haven’t got together yet to discuss it, but Lord willing we will sooon! πŸ˜€ What kinds of things do You write? πŸ™‚ Haha really she does? That’s awesome – I’m not alone! xD


  • CortataWoods

    Sorry it took me so long, we’re really busy, with planning my older brother’s graduation, *and* relatives coming.

    A pleasure to meet you too!! I just can’t write short stories. They keep getting longer and more complex, so it turns into a novel!! And I don’t know how to show the characters of my, uh, characters, in so short a story. And poetry is beyond me! I’ve tried a bit, but they didn’t really work. I write mostly romantic fantasy, novel-length. But, I haven’t actually finished any of them yet because I keep revising them. πŸ˜€ But I have plans for a whole series!! Is there any way I can read one of your stories?? I’d love to see how you do short stories.

    So, where do you live? Oh, and btw, I’m fifteen! How old are you?


    • Christy

      Haha, speaking of being sorry for getting back so late…
      So did the graduation happen already, or not till later on? πŸ™‚

      GAH for serious?! That is SO awesome! Why can’t *I* have that problem?! I’d rather write a story that spins into a complex novel than a plain short story ANY day! πŸ˜€ LOL sounds like my writer friends and I πŸ˜› We always take forever on our stories because we get so caught up in editing, new ideas, different changes, etc. Haha.

      Well I’d LOVE to read some of your work!
      Haha yeah, there is! I’ll post some on my blog – but only the ones I think are worthy enough. I’m picky about my writing πŸ˜‰ Hehe.

      Haha I live in an inconspicuous little state in the US of A from which I hope to move one day, relocating perhaps to mountainous terrain, perhaps Montana. Yes, Montana would be amazing. Either that or the wonderful fantasy of mine to fly out to Australia… ❀ that idea and I won't ever let go of it! Haha I'm 17. Where do you want to live someday? πŸ™‚


      P.S. I'll post some stories soon, so be sure and check them out (:

  • CortataWoods

    Yeah, it happened on Saturday. It was a hit, but kind of hot.

    Haha, I know that is so annoying. Well, maybe more of just super long, not complex. Er, well, I’ll have to think of one that is actually read-able. The first story of my main series is now in the trash, because I want to re-write it, but actually there is another one. Here’s a link: (it’s not nearly done yet, and should be a pretty long novel)
    Tell me if it works. The name of it is Writer’s Block. Oh, and if you see any writing in it, that’s my little sister’s notes.

    I started a writing group like last year or something, would you like to join? It’s a site actually, so we jut post on there. And it’s private, too, so no one else can see it. And Rachel and like four girls from our church are on it.

    How long are you think of making the story you just posted?


  • CortataWoods

    Oh! And I forgot. I think I want to live in France someday…or the countryside somewhere. I just love the country. πŸ™‚

    Do you listen to any music? If so, what bands?


  • Christy

    That sounds cool! I’d love to join your writing group. Would you send me the link?

    It’s just four parts; I don’t think I’ll make it any longer. I was running off of basically one main feeling when I wrote it, and that set my mood. The feeling’s gone, so so is the mood; I think if I tried adding more it would end up like crap. πŸ˜›

    Mmm country is amazing. Dude to visit France would be awesome! Haha πŸ™‚
    YES. Music is how I escape when schoolwork gets too stressful. πŸ˜› I β™₯ acoustic – I’m a complete sucker for it. I really really like Secondhand Serenade and The Scene Aesthetic. I like so many bands it’s not even funny: FM Static, Evanescence, BeyoncΓ©, Owl City, The Ready Set, Boyce Avenue, Hit the Lights, Forever the Sickest Kids… the list is pretty much endless. πŸ˜‰ What music do you like?

  • CortataWoods

    Well, to join the wiring group, since it’s a protected blog, I’ll need your email address. Do you mind giving it to me?

    Haha, that’s true. When I overdo things they start to sound forced UGH!!

    lol, I know!!

    I like some country music, but some of it, NO OFFENSE but I find it annoying. But, as I said, I do like some. Oooh, I like Owl City too! And Death Cab for Cuite, Mutemath, Coldpaly, Postal Service, Mew…Can’t think of anymore right now. Oh, and I kind of like Switchfoot, haven’t heard a lot of it though.

    Have you gotten a chance to check out my story?


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