Twilight Serenade (1)

The burnt orange sun started sinking below the sharp pink and red clouds, creating a dazzling sea of colors reflecting off the lake. On this evening five friends laughed and talked their way over the wide bridge connecting Asian Island to the rest of Michigan. They had traveled from Maryland together that morning, and wanted to enjoy the last moments of their short vacation before heading back home.

“You should’ve seen your face when Adam pushed you under the water!” exclaimed Halyn, wiping a stray chunk of light brown hair from her face and laughing as her mind flashed back to earlier that day when Shiara was dunked under the lake, the cold water stifling her high-pitched scream.

Shiara, though trying hard to look angry, could not succeed, end ended up grinning just as widely as her giggling friend. “Yeah, I guess I probably did look kinda funny,” she admitted, shrugging.

Gasping, Adam slapped a hand on Halyn’s arm in mocking shock. “Oh, wow! Did Shiara just actually admit that she looked funny? Hurry, Hal, write this down,” he ordered Halyn, the member of the group who wrote down all their various inside jokes and quotes. “It’s gonna make history!” The other three laughed while the eighteen-year-old boy earned a hard punch on the shoulder from Shiara.

Lizzie, the second eldest of the group, brushed her short brown hair out of her eyes and put a hand on the pouting girl’s shoulder. “Don’t worry about it, Shi.” Her battleship-gray eyes looked tenderly at her friend. “We’ll always love you.”

“No matter how stupid you look,” added Nate in his beautiful Australian accent, his eyes twinkling mischievously like a reflected blue ocean. Shi glared at him and stuck her tongue out.

Halyn halted suddenly. “Let’s stop here.” She turned to face the golden ball dropping further in the sky. “The rays bouncing off the clouds are too gorgeous, and with the water all aflame with these colors –”

Adam finished for her, “You want us to take pictures.” Halyn looked back at him and grinned. Ever since she had met him ten years ago, they had been best friends and could always tell what the other was thinking. Great minds think alike, they were in the habit of quoting to each other whenever they voiced the same opinion at the same time.

While he fished his digital camera out from his cargo pant’s pocket the other four decided on what poses they should strike. Each of them took turns as camera-man, and the next half hour resulted in explosions of laughter and teasing. Then the excitement toned down some, and silence reigned as they stared out into the distance, each wrapped in their own thoughts.

Nate was the first to speak, and he did so with hesitancy. “Can you guys forgive me ahead of time for this?” He fidgeted with the mood ring he always wore on his index finger, which now seemed as if it could not decide which color his mood was.

The others were still shaking themselves from their reveries when Nate stepped towards Halyn. Cupping her chin in his hand and ignoring her puzzled expression he gently and slowly kissed her on the mouth.

It seemed like an eternity before anyone else dared move as Adam, Shiara and Lizzie stared at their two friends, a mixture of horror, disbelief, bewilderment and shock painted over their faces.

Finally Nate dropped his head and hand, silently taking a couple steps backward and looking more than a little awkward. The only sound that could be heard was the swishing of the calm water beneath them, until Shiara found her voice.

“Why?” the single word slowly escaped her throat, sounding croaky and hoarse.

Nate simply shrugged and stuffed his hands in his front jeans pockets. “It was a dare,” he explained hesitantly. “I was talking to a friend back in Sydney abut how you guys are the greatest friends anyone could ask for, and then he…” trailing off, the twenty-one-year-old glanced at Halyn. Her glassy eyes were unreadable and watched his every move.

“He dared me to kiss the first girl I had a crush on here in the States.” It all came tumbling out.

So that was it.

Halyn’s dark eyes widened, and her long hair could not conceal the shades of pink that crept up and bloomed on her face. The only move she made was to cover her open mouth with her hand; the others stood still.

Adam, the youngest of the group, was the first to recover. “Crushes are stupid and lame, invented by eleven-year-old girls who can’t find any other way to waste their time,” he stated matter-of-factly, with a hint of reproach in his voice. He paused, and continued quietly, “You didn’t have to take the dare.”

No matter how hard he tried to look anywhere other that Halyn’s face, Nate could not tear his eyes away.

“Maybe I wanted to.” A near whisper; had he not been the only person saying something it could have easily been missed.

Dropping her hand and feeling suddenly shy and embarrassed, Halyn started to walk away and, taking a few steps back, she stuttered, “I… they… I forgot… something.” Turning sharply she sprinted off the bridge towards the rest of the city, tears of confusion and mixed emotions streaming down her face.

Shiara, dazed, turned towards the island and began walking back the way they had just come, hurt and sadness written in her near-black eyes and pasted over top her face. Liz stood leaning against the wall of the bridge, looking surprised yet thoughtful as she stared out at the ever-sinking sun. After a minute Adam followed in pursuit of Shiara, his head down. Nate stood rooted to the spot, trailing after Halyn with his eyes, unsure if he had just messed up his relationship with his friend…


14 responses to “Twilight Serenade (1)

  • Christy

    *There you go, Rachel’s friend Hannah. Haha this is the first of four parts, based off some crazy dream I had eyons ago. Hope you like the crazy love drama I always through in 😛 🙂

  • CortataWoods

    Thanks!! I love it so far. Hey, that’s funny, I get ideas from dreams too! Can’t wait for the rest of it. Actually, I loooove love stories!!

    I really like how you said ‘battle-ship gray eyes’. I canimagine exactly what color that is.

    And, my family and I say the ‘great minds think alike’ when we say things at the same time, but it’s usually silly things or puns. Now we just say ‘great minds and all that.’ 😀


  • Christy

    Aw I’m glad! Most of my friends would think it an insane soap opera 😉 I’ll post part two right now! 🙂

    Haha well that’s how a friend of mine actually describes her eyes, and I liked the description.

    Haha that’s awesome. 😀

  • CortataWoods

    I read part two!! t is total awesomeness, if that is a word. Haha, well it kind of reminds me of my own twisted soap opera stories. 😀 I really enjoy having a group of young people all thrown together and the reader has to try to figure out who ends up in love with whom. Quite fun!

    Well, it’s very cool!


    • Christy

      Yeah, Swtichfoot’s so-so. 🙂

      Noo I haven’t! Not enough time to just sit down and READ :\ I bookmarked it though, so when I get the chance I will! 🙂

      Haha for serious? I thought I was the only one who ever used “awesomeness” as a word! 😛

      Do you like it enough that you’d read the third part if I posted it? 😛 😀

  • CortataWoods

    Definitely, I’d love to read the third part!

    Haha, actually I don’t use it that much, but yeah it’s fun!!

    Yah, I don’t know much about Switchfoot, and haven’t really heard a lot of it.


  • CortataWoods

    OK! Can’t wait to read it. And, did you see my comment about the writing group?? You’re quite welcome! 🙂

  • Christy

    Mkay, part three posted. There’s only one more after that 🙂

    Yes, I need to send you my email address, correct? Hey, is there any other way we can talk? Instead of commenting? Like, is it possible for me to send you a message with my email, or no?


  • CortataWoods

    Umm, yeah that would be great. Uh, let me think…ugh, how can we do that? Hey, do you have a facebook? If so, I could look you up on there and send you a message. I will read the third part asap!!


  • Christy

    Actually, I don’t. I deleted mine because I was spending WAAYYY to much time on it. :\

    Hey, I’m kind of confused. Do you have a blog of your own? How can I view it? 🙂

  • CortataWoods

    Oh, rats.

    Well, the writing group one, which is protected, so you have to have a password to get in. And for me to invite you, I’d need your email. But, I would like to get one some time. Your’s actually inspired me!! 😀

    Wait, I think I’ve got an idea. Does Rachel Bushong have your email address?? Then I could email her and have her send it to me, and I could send you an email with my address! 🙂


  • Christy

    Haha aw thank you! This will sound really dumb, but one of my constant endeavors is to inspire people (:

    Yes as a matter of fact she does! That’s a wonderful idea! 😀

    Posting the last part, part 4. Check it out when you get the chance, Dear 🙂

  • CortataWoods

    Your welcome. Um, yeah, the biggest thing I want to do with my writing is make people think, and say ‘huh. I didn’t think of it that way before.’ I want to change them, just a little bit.

    I’ve been emailing back and forth with her, and she just gave me your email address, so I’ll email you right now.

    Uh, no offense, but I just read part four, and uh…IS THAT ALL??!!!??!! What about the others?? Her parents?? Did all the others hate Nate? What about Adam? I don’t know if you’re looking for advice, but seriously you could really extend this, and even make it novel-length. Haha, anyway, I was expecting all of them to maybe meet on the beech, might be a bit of yelling, and some how figure out who loves who. 😀

    You can just reply to my email instead of this, that way it’s private.


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