Nanny Days

I walked up to the door and rang the bell, juggling my big purse, water bottle, and craft bag in one hand while I waited for someone to come. I heard shouts on the other side of the door, and looked down at the blind-covered side window and wondered which of them would come first. It was Reese. “It’s Nina,” he called to everyone. Then he unlocked the door.

Grinning at him and my baby (not to play favorites or anything…), Jude, a “Hey, guys!” had hardly escaped my mouth before it clamped shut as Jude spewed out, “HI NINA!” I was very surprised. Yes, he knows I love him a lot, and he loves me, too, but normally he will shyly give me that adorable grin of his and then run behind his mom. Either he is just becoming more outgoing with me, or he’s growing up. Aaahh, I hope it is the first one!

That happened Wednesday, my first day as taking over the official job as Nanny for the three Page boys, Calvin, Reese, and little Jude. Their ages are 7, 5, and 2 (pretty sure, anyway). I shall be watching them for a few hours once a week, and though it is far from one of those dramatic, TV-worthy, full-time Nanny jobs, I am still very excited about it.

And now, school work salutes me to come and finish before my regular Friday night babysitting job. I have so much I need to cram into today it is far from funny. Spanish, math corrections and test, English corrections, history test… Lord, please help me as I hammer through my work on less than 9 hours of sleep.


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