“Your eyes are the windows to your soul.”

The first time I heard that, quoted at a music camp by a music instructor who wanted to get across that it was imperative that singers and performers express themselves through their eyes, I was taken aback. It sounded so profound. My eyes are the windows to my soul?

That can’t possibly be true. My eyes are the ugliest shade of brown invented. The first time I heard eyes described as “chocolate brown” I hated that term. I don’t know why; it just seemed to really rub me the wrong way. However, I have a friend – she’s short, perky, with eyes that, when I look into them, only reflect the most gorgeous, chocolate brown in existence. Or maybe they’re coffee bean brown.

Sometimes I wish my eyes were gray. Gray just seems like the perfect color to reflect a dismal soul. I lay closer to the pessimistic side of the scale than to the optimistic – ask most of my friends and, if they knew me well, that’s probably what they would tell you.

Other times, I wish my eyes were a green that conjured up a mysterious soul. That sparkle when I laugh, that glare knives into people’s backs just because I can. Green is my favorite color, both in general and for people’s eyes.

I can’t really think of any advantage of having brown eyes. (Except, when I’m feeling over-dramatic, I like to imagine they flash when I’m angry with someone.) Sometimes I stare into the mirror, peer into my eyes, and try and see what I’m feeling. I suppose I should take an earlier claim back: I don’t have the ugliest eyes invented. I just don’t feel like they convey what I want them to convey.

If I sound complaining, that’s probably because I am. If I sound contradictory, that’s probably because I am. If I sound insane, that’s definitely what I am. But for what other good are blogs than to write down random ramblings, whether insane, stupid, thought-provoking, or contradictory…? Food for thought.


2 responses to ““Your eyes are the windows to your soul.”

  • hannah

    HA! I love this post. I have brown eyes too, but I like them OK, because they’re root beer brown. 😀 But I love gray eyes too! The main character in one of my books has gray eyes.


  • Christy

    Haha awesome! I don’t know how to describe mine. Haha I wish *I* could call them root beer brown 😛

    Thanks for reading! 🙂

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