Butterfly Kisses, And Moose Kisses Too

I babysit this little girl – among other children – on Sunday nights. Her name is Katherine, though almost everyone calls her “Kat.” Isn’t that cool? It wouldn’t be naerly as cool if they were spelled “Catherine” and “Cat.” The K makes it so much better. I love little Kat.

This past weekend during babysitting I lounged on this hard pillows-stuck-together-with-felt thing, laying on my stomach and tickling the kids’ stomachs with a thick stick as they darted by. Taking a break from this (the kids were running a bit too fast and screaming with delight a bit too loud and slamming into one another a bit too much  for my comfort) I turned to lay on my back.

Just then Katherine ran up to tackle me, and I wrapped my hands around her  stout little stomach and hoisted her in the air above me. She giggled with delight, and I lowered her till our faces were nearly touching. Still smiling, she placed her lips on my own and gave me the softest kiss imaginable – what I call a butterfly kiss. Slightly stunned, I carefully rolled her onto the ground, and watched her the remainder of the time.

We’ve been babysitting for this group for a few months now, but I honestly didn’t think the children liked my older sister and me that much. Yes, I knew they loved it when I brought paint and they could follow my [bad] example by painting on their hands and feet as well as the paper, and I knew they loved us chasing them around the room pretending to be a Tickle Fairy (“monster” was too scary for them – or so they informed us), and I knew they liked to stick books in front of us, climb onto our laps, and make us read them – at least – three times. But enough to feel comfortable giving us precious kisses? I love them so much!

The second kind of kiss a child has given me is what she informed me is called a Moose Kiss. When little Jennifer “Jenna” gave one to me, (I’m sorry, I don’t have a picture of her) I looked at her very surprised, and she explained – in that slight stutter most four-year-olds seem to possess –  “Don’t worry, my Grandpa gives them to us all all all the time, and I I I I wanted to give give you one, too.” Though it was a special moment, I discreetly wiped off my cheek the slobber she had put on it – for little Jenna’s ‘moose kiss’ consists of her gently pressing her mouth to my face, then sticking her tongue out the tiniest bit. Kind of disgusting, but adorable to hear her explain, nonetheless. Ah, God has so blessed my life by pairing me with all these wonderful children!


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