My first venting post… whoot.

Right about now, I’m feeling especially pessamistic and that my life sucks. Oh, no worries, I have plenty of reasons to support this:

a) I have back problems, and those don’t pair well with sleeping on the top bunk. So I started camping out on my floor, which was ok because it felt better than sleeping on my crappy mattress, plus I got to store things where my bed used to be. Score!… until my older sister wanted to sleep on that bed. Mom agreed with her, and apparently it’s all settled. Great. Back to storing my crap all over the room again.

b) Today was my last day as nanny for the three wonderful Page boys, Calvin, Reese, and Jude. When I first took on the job my mom had suggested, I didn’t know that she had planned for it  to last only two months. And here I thought I’d be able to get to watch these little guys once a week for, well, much longer than one day out of the week for seven weeks. Woo-hoo to the school year starting and having to give up every single extra-curricular.

c) I’ve not the slightest idea how it happened, but I’m eating crappily again. You probably don’t know that I’m what some friends dubbed a “healthfreak” and as such try to stay on a plant-based diet. Pretzels sneaked their way into my snack-time. Tooonnns of fruits (aka, 100% sugar – albiet natural sugar, but sugar nonetheless) rather than veggies (aka 100% phyto chemicals – extremelely beneficial to our bodies) traipsed into my mouth. Because of my back pains, I can’t run on a regular basis and I can’t quite tolerate jogging, either. I try and walk, but since it takes *much* longer to build up a sweat walking than does running, it gets quite boring. Whether listening to my iPod for forty-five minutes or reading a good book… they bore me. Fast. So from lack of proper exercise and over-consumtion of very unhealthful foods, I’m feeling pretty low.

d) If I don’t kick myself into focusing on catching up on science and math (both of which are my worst subjects, and of course I’m behind an entire year on them), I’ll be a senior next year, instead of a graduate like the rest of my friends. I know I’ll hate it if I don’t graduate on time, but I just can’t seem to find the motivation I need in order to do so.

e) Did I mention I hate it when I feel like I have a best friend who doesn’t think of me as their best friend?

Those are just a few examples. A rule I made up recently for myself is that: For every low, think of a high. I’m too funked out to do that now, though. Gah.


7 responses to “My first venting post… whoot.

  • CortataWoods

    Aww, I hope you feel better soon…That’s very sad about your best friend, but I kind of know what you mean. Maybe you can talk to her about how you feel? My mom always says that for a relationship to work, you have to have an equal amount of ‘need’, if you know what I mean. You both need to need the friendship, or it won’t work. I have a friend who already has a best friend, they’ve been friends since they were little, so I know I can’t be that best friend for her, or her for me.

    I do hope this helps! Heeeey, I know this is really long already, but I just remembered. I know someone on fb who has back problems who mentioned roller skating because she couldn’t run as much. Maybe that’s something you can do? Or maybe biking? Have a great week!


  • Christy

    That’s sad, that’s happened to me before, too 😦 and that’s nice advice; thanks.

    I’d do biking, except one still has to lean forward (for the most part) to grasp the handle bars. And rollerskating… I don’t know it still takes a lot of power to propel oneself forward. Meh. Mom says that swimming would be the best – since all that takes is arm-and-leg power – but we don’t have the luxury of time for that. *Sigh* maybe someday. SOON.

    Thank you for your comments, and thank you so much for reading my blog! It’s really encouraging to know there’s SOMEONE out there who does. Since you’re only one of two. 🙂


  • CortataWoods

    Aww, your welcome. I’ll be praying for you!!

    Oh, right, I see how that wouldn’t work. But yeah, swimming would be better. Same here, I love to swim but don’t get to much.

    Aww, I will ALWAYS read your blog!!


  • Christy

    Thank you so much, Hannah! 🙂

  • Kiwi

    Daw, Nina.. don’t be sad. When you’re sad, I’m extremely sad. And when your grumpy, I’m a Grinch. ;(
    Just know that when life gets you down.. all you gotta do is
    just keep swimming, just keep swimming, swimming,, yeah, you get me? Love you to bits, and as always, I wish I could be there to comfort you and eat ice cream. With you, of course. 🙂
    You’re always in my prayers..


  • Christy

    Aww Kali I love you! Thank you so much.

    And right now, if you were here, I would be a whole… er… two pints of ice cream and we would spoon it out of the carton whilst watching a good movie… like King Kong… oh memories, memories ❤ I miss you so much! 😥

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