Today. What A Day.

First, I groggily tore myself away from a vivid, deep dream. Of which I could not remember a single thing, except that I was really liking it. The clock showed 8:02, which was two minutes past the time I needed to be up and ready to go. My older sister, Abbie, and I dressed and gathered our things and, at 8:40ish, left the house – ten minutes behind schedule. Our destination was the Women’s Care Center, where we volunteer every third week. Every third week happens to be “Hispanic week” and we have the privilege of keeping an eye on these wonderful, gorgeous little Hispanic kids. Some shy, some missing mommy and daddy terribly, some indifferent, some over joyous, and then – my favorite – some rambunctious,  trouble-making imps.

Second, off to Barnes & Noble to return a book… only to find out that one can only return one’s merchandise up until 14 days of the purchase. (I bought this book a month ago.) <– *mood begins to slide downhill*

Third found us on our way home to shove some food down our throats and rush off to the dentist. Where we end up staying for nearly 3 ours due to 6 of the 7 kids needing a dental checkup. The usual. Boring, with no fun pass-times. During which time I sent a text message to a friend as a joke, but which she took more seriously. I apologized twice, and she said it was ok…

Fourth, babysitting at the Hickle’s – where, to my immense delight, the kids and I had a blast! Don’t get me wrong, we usually have fun, but today was different. When I asked them to do something, they did it without much hesitation and stalling. I managed to keep the arguments low key to none-existent. That is, until Bob (dad Hickle) walked in the door. His first words were: “What? – ugh! Why can’t you guys move this freaking rug?” which of course sends a wrong message to the four little girls on whose cases I jump instantly if they say “freaking” “shut up” or “oh my god.”

Fifth found me in the car with two of my favorite people in the world. We dropped into our ghetto Wal-Mart, then headed back to my best friend’s house, where he was to try and help alleviate my struggle through my tough choir songs. And then the friend I texted? She only reminded me every five minutes what a meanie I was, that it was Not a joke, etc. I apologized, and she continued pretending to be deeply offended. (She may have been a little bit, but not as much as she played at.)

So that’s what landed me in the awful grump I am right now.

Do you ever have a day that starts off groggily, progresses wonderfully, stalls annoyingly, continues awesomely, twists down hill, and ends with a feeling that makes you want to cry even though you don’t really have any good reason to? <–Well. That’s me right now. 😦


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