A Blessed Sore Throat?

I have a sore throat. Well, technically it’s not the standard sore throat. But literally, I have a sore. ON my throat. On my left tonsil, to be precise. The perfectly circular, tiny white dot is way more than annoying; it’s the sole reason I’m sneaking onto my sister’s laptop at 11:32PM to type up these seemingly unending random thoughts.

However, I was reflecting on the concept of one’s having a sore throat. Could it not be viewed as a blessing along side [what certainly seems like!] a curse? Consider this with me. We are living in the 21st century, where people are used to having their way NOW, and speaking what’s on their mind NOW, and having no patience at all for anything.

I think I shall come up with an example. Let us suppose there is this girl, a seventeen-year-old girl, going on eighteen.Let us also suppose she is healthy enough, meaning no sinuses are clogged up, no unusual pressure headaches are occurring, and her ears do not hurt with built-up wax (sounds disgusting, I know). Suppose further that she is the typical 21st century teenager – loud spoken most times, does not think through her thoughts carefully and rationally before voicing them, and informs her siblings her opinion even when it does not uplift or encourage them (geesh that sounds like STAR 88.3 or something). And then one morning, this girl randomly wakes up with a tender sore nestled in her throat.

Her day is spent quietly working on her school, whispering when obligated to speak her opinion, and all in all her mouth stays shut. She wonders at one point, Cannot a sore throat force on to become more humble? If one’s throat is truly sore, one wishes not to talk. For the girl, that eliminates 1) unnecessary and unthoughtful comments, 2) butting into other people’s business, and 3) singing and annoying siblings who are trying to finish their homework. (Okay, so that last point isn’t so major, but it still works.) Do you understand now how a sore throat could be a good thing? It all depends on how one looks at it.

So instead of viewing my predicament as a “dang-it, hurry-up-and-heal-already” sort of dilemma, I am trying to learn from this rare experience by practicing “the unfading beauty of a gentle and quiet spirit, which is of great worth in God’s sight.”

Hope this post encouraged you : )


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