Dear Life, I’m 18. That’s kind of creepy.

I don’t know about you, but when I was growing up I was one of those girls who would look up to those 18, 19 and 20-year-olds and think, “Wow, they’re old!” “They can do so many cool things now!” “I wonder what I’ll be able to do when I’m that age?” “Man, they have so much freedom to do stuff!” “They can make their own choices! I want to make my own choices about my life!” … once again, that’s little girl fantasy kicking in and ignoring reality.

Yesterday was my 18th birthday. I really wanted to do something epic to kick off my becoming an adult. I wrote a list of things (my bucket list, I now call it):

1) Fly to Australia

2) See the ocean – Pacific or Atlantic – for the first time

3) Go to a Broadway show

… yeah,  that list is not by any means exhaustive. But, of course, those are currently not possible for me to do. So I settled for a 9am chiropractor appointment, shopping with mom till 3:30, eating lunch with her at my dad’s work (mmm, a delicious salad and scrumptious blueberry muffin!), coming home and hanging out with my best friend for a little while, helping an elderly neighbor friend, then driving off with my older sister and younger brother to see the amazing movie Inception. It wasn’t earth-shattering, or mind-boggling, but it was still fun.

The next thing on my bucket list is to stargaze from my roof. You may be thinking that that sounds lame, but there are really only two ways to get to our roof: Climb on to a van parked in the driveway and try and hoist ourselves up, or easily crawl through my parents’ bedroom window. Neither of which my parents allowed me to do, and something which I’ve wanted to do for quite a few years now.

I didn’t get around to it yesterday. I want to do it with friends (who wants to stargaze on the roof by themselves?). And I couldn’t do it with friends because I couldn’t throw a birthday party this week because Thanksgiving dominates my birthday week. My parents didn’t plan this one out very well 😉 It’s NO fun having one’s birthday during Thanksgiving week. No parties, pies instead of birthday cakes… Haha. Just kidding. My little brother, Jake (whose birthday is today! : ) and I still have parties; they’re just week/s afterwards. And we do make our own cakes – we’re not forced to shove a candle in a pie (although a couple of times my brothers do for some reason want a pie for their birthday, and they did shove candles on top of those).

Hmm. I don’t feel any different. I don’t feel like an adult. I still feel 17. I wonder what I’ll feel like on my 23rd – my golden – birthday? Hopefully amazing! And hopefully I’ll do something waayy out there! Like bungee jumping, sky diving, unicycling down a mountain… JOKES. Those are dumb. I’d so something more like flying to Australia, or traveling to the ocean, or seeing a Broadway in London…


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